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It's not necessary to get married in summer to choose bridal sandals and break conventionalisms betting on a surprising shoe with which you feel original and stylized.

Bridal sandals: Breaking with conventionalisms.

No need to get married in summer or outdoors, day by day we find more bridal sandals in wedding dresses, original brides that want to break conventionalism and bet on a surprising shoe with which to feel original and stylized.

In Pura Lopez we design wedding sandals that are the whim of the most sophisticated brides. Our shoes are made with the savoir faire of traditional Spanish craftsmanship, from our factories in the province of Alicante, where quality is first and foremost sought. Our models of bridal sandals confer a high-performance luxury without sacrificing simplicity, elegance and minimalism.

Our designs are equipped with ankle strap with buckle closure and different heels, to adapt to your needs and offer you a good grip and security at every step.

Made with leather lining and sole, our 2020Bridal Sandals collection is designed to be your best investment. Not only will you look great on your big day, but you can use them with almost any outfit on any another occasion.

'Nude'-type bridal sandals are already an icon; their stylized heel (in two heights, and up to 11 cm) and their lamé finish (in silver or gold), are ideal to dress with elegance and chic touch.

We are aware that diversity would be meaningless if it were not accompanied by multiple finishes and colors, hence the white is accompanied by metallic, silver or deep golden tones. But ... What if you dare to go with a more striking color?

Our Martina bridal sandals and their finishing in nude velvet (pink), black or dark blue, has become a flagship thanks to their minimalist and flattering design, being the perfect complement to use in any event.

Gone are the times when brides thought only about the dress they would wear on such a special day, now, wedding shoes for bride have the same prominence and have much to say about you at your wedding, they are the cherry on the cake of a dream wedding dress, remember that the celebration is in your honor and you are the center of all eyes ... It is time to get away with yours and leave all your guests speechless by wearing bridal sandals that perfectly match your personality, making you feel like yourself, unique and more feminine than ever.

 You got it all? Shoes, dress, rings, wedding invitations...