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Find on our website online party shoes and combine your best look with the latest trends and providing femininity and sophistication in any event.


High wedge sandals in black raffia with buckle fastening


Metallic platform high block heel sandals

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Lady Party Shoes

Discover the best selection of lady party shoes online for the most special occasions.

In Pura López you will find a wide catalogue online with the best shoes to wear and party shoes with the most elegant and exclusive designs so that you will be the perfect guest in any event.

We know that choosing party shoes is not easy, there are many options but not all of them fulfill the requirements we demand, that they are comfortable, that they have the heel that most adapts to our life style, that they combine with most of the colors of our basic wardrobe...

Since it is not a shoe which we will use a lot, it may be best to have few pairs but that they are easy to combine with our outfit.

If we can afford more than one pair, it may be best to have a pair in red, another one in black and another one in metalized tones, whether it is in silver, golden color or in a rose golden tone, one of the discoveries of the season which has become predominant among the metalized colors which are more versatile when combining with watches, jewelries and handbags.

Even though sometimes we find the shoes which most adapts to our look and which better suits us, it is not always the most comfortable one. Spending a whole day or night with a shoe that is too tight or too high may affect our health.

Finding an elegant shoe which at the same time is comfortable will make us get to the end of the night with a good face and without needing to sit down most of the time.

Discover our most special collection and acquire your lady party shoes online and try them without needing to go out of home.

Buying Lady Party Shoes

Discover our most special collection where you can buy lady party shoes online. In addition, we offer free changes and devolution so that you can choose easily after having tried them on.

You may choose among the most trendy or classic shoes. If we talk about trends, the most successful shoes in these parties are jewel shoes with ornaments or stilettos in red, burgundy, black and metalized tones.

If you are among those women who dare to wear sandals in spite of the low temperatures you will always succeed with black high heel ones with details in silver or gold. If you want to wear sandals without renouncing to be warm you can wear toe-less stocking or dare with the trend of wearing sandals with fantasy or glitter socks.

In Pura López you can buy lady party shoes online going ahead of your event, in an easy and quick manner, selecting those you like the most and trying if you are going to be comfortable with them.

Europe's cities are waiting for you to party, find your shoes and enjoy them.