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The popularity of flat shoes for women in winter grows in a time where comfort demands its chic touch within an accelerated life and full of various commitments.

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Winter flat shoes: the best choice for everyday life.

This season promises to be especially prolific with trends in flat winter shoes. That heels are great allies at certain times and we love them, is something we will never deny, but when it comes to the truth, when it comes to dressing in our day to day, flat shoes are always our first thought and best choice.

The fashion industry is graced with the most practical accessories and there is no longer a need to suffer on a 4.7 inches stiletto to wear an elegant and fresh style.

Flat shoes popularity grows considerably this winter, well above the most classic women's footwear, we live in an era in which comfort demands its chic touch within any image and situation, and more with the dizzying pace that we all carry between work, home and family.

Any flat style, with platform or with minimum heel is worn, and you can combine it with dresses, skirts or pants, dense socks or openwork, with the assurance that you will always look great. There's so much versatility that you can wear them in the spring too.

Our footwear preserves the Spanish craftsmanship of its origins. Designing timeless models and betting on femininity and elegance.

Ballerinas are one of the most comfortable footwear available and at Pura López we have models that will make you fall in love:


  • Flat shoes without zippers, in silver metallic leather with fine point and detail of flounces.
  • Flat shoes of fine point with bracelet made in metallic mesh fabric.
  • Flat striped shoes made in suede with double bracelet at the ankle.


How to combine them? With outfits of minimalist style, with party looks, with a tailor's suit or with just a fag trousers, a blazer and a handbag. You'll be radiant for hours.

We' ve opted for trendy and very avant-garde finishes: metallic fabrics, leather, suede, patent leather, print prints... without forgetting the variety of colors so that you can cover all your needs.

Ready to renew your shelf or your wardrobe? In our online store Pura López we are waiting for you to conquer you with the best winter flat shoes. Remember that you can make changes and returns at no cost, and check the comfort and ensure a safe bet on your style.






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