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Find the heels for wedding that combine with your style among our most exclusive designs, heels of 12 centimeters in height, thin or wide for greater stability.

Bridal high heels: no fear of heights.

For decades, wedding heels for brides have registered an increase in height, surrounding women in a halo of femininity and sensuality, especially in the 30s, 70s and nowadays.

In Pura López we have seen how we went from wearing wedding heels with almost no label to wedding high heels with their own name. They have become a cult object, a work of art and the piece most commonly collected in wardrobes, especially those with high heels and, more specifically, those we rarely wear. And what better time to wear good, sophisticated heels than on your wedding day?

Bridal heels create an optical illusion that helps stylize the body making it look thinner and more stylized. They also visually lengthen and shape the legs. Now, imagine choosing a short bridal gown and combining it with good heels. Or how they'll look when they lift your long dress through the wedding in countless moments. You won't need anyone to announce your arrival; your personality and self-confidence will come first. Marilyn Monroe said: "Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world".

Find the perfect shoes to match your style in our 2020 Wedding High Heel Shoes Collection; exclusive designs with heels up to 12 centimeters high, thin and wide for greater stability, combined with an ankle-attached bracelet with buckle closure. Made in nude patent leather, pink suede, naked velvet and metallic colors. High quality finishes that will take care of your safety and support throughout the day. 

Or take a look at our high-heeled party models if you want to bet on a more eye-catching color and design, being the most original bride your guests have ever seen.   

Whoever says that a stiletto or very high footwear is comfortable to wear for hours, lies. But the quality and design of our shoe lasts will guarantee you a certain comfort if you tame your heels a few days before in the intimacy of your home or in the previous tests of your dress, being able to enjoy them during hours.

Arrive at your wedding projecting security, self-confidence and self-esteem, walk among your family and friends moving in a way that will enhance your curves and your derrière thanks to your bridal high heels, and show yourself to your partner with the most powerful and radiant smile.

With a beautiful wedding hairstyle, your dress and elegant shoes, you are sure to be spectacular.




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